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IFMA Facility Fusion Conference

Why attend?

Facility Fusion is all about focus — on your needs as a facility manager,

on your concerns in supporting specific facility types, on your career advancement

and on building your professional network. What you learn and who you meet

benefit both you and your employer

    • You’ll gain best practices for improving operational efficiency, as well as field-

    tested strategies for increasing employee productivity through a better work environment.

    • You’ll stay up to date on industry trends and standards, helping you ensure

    That your organization is current, compliant and competitive.

    • You can tailor a learning agenda applicable to your job responsibilities and

    Existing facility issues.

    • Facility tours give you a first-hand look at energy-efficient features, building

    upgrades and strategic space planning; and you’ll benefit from insights shared

    by FM teams on daily operations.

    • The expo saves you hours of independent research on products, services, and

    suppliers. Fusion exhibitors not only introduce you to their solutions but

    educate you on how to make those solutions work for you.

    • Networking with fellow practitioners, topic experts, and reputable solution

    providers allows you to compare processes, share ideas and return to work

    with solid recommendations for improving the workplace.

    • Employers who support their FM team’s continuing education ensure that their

    facility is being managed by informed and prepared professionals.

    • With Full Event registration, you’ll gain a wealth of relevant, reliable information

    In one place, for one price.


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