February 2016  

President's Report

President’s Message  Jerry Ferguson CFM

Greetings fellow IFMA members!

Our membership drive is in full swing and you could win a 40” RCA LED TV donated by Alan King with RCA. Between now and the end of April, the person responsible for signing up the most new members will be presented this TV at our May meeting. Plus, during the month of February, all new members joining will enjoy a 15% discount being offered by IFMA National. Just use the code IFMA16 upon member checkout. The discount applies to all membership types and is only valid through the month of February. This discount only applies to the IFMA National membership and not the local chapter membership dues. Not sure how to join, just reach out to Nancy or Barney for information or through the website for the online application.

CFM Certification

It is the symbol of the most globally recognized certification bestowed upon a professional involved in facility management – the CFM: Certified Facility Manager. 

Top Five Reasons to Get Certified:

1. Distinguish Yourself – In today’s competitive job market, your CFM status puts you ahead of the competition. CFMs have proven their abilities and demonstrated their commitment to achieving excellence in the profession.

2. Invest in Your Future – CFMs earn, on average, 13% more than non-certified facility managers. Earning your CFM is one of the most important career decisions you can make.

3. Demonstrate Your Leadership and Initiative – It’s not easy to achieve CFM status. The CFM credential is a tangible sign of your success. Share your expertise and mentor up-and-coming members of your organization.

4. Advance Your Profession – Facility managers must be proficient in a wide range of competencies. The CFM program articulates the level of skill and talent required of

the profession.

5. Enhance Your Professional Network – Enjoy opportunities to network during special CFM events within the chapter and at World Workplace.

Our CFM Study Group is meeting right now! Wewill meet this spring for a few hours every other week to cover each of the core competencies and to discuss the actual exam sitting. This Study Group will be led by members of our Memphis Chapter who have achieved their CFM certification. The sessions will be informal, with an emphasis on helping answer questions you may have about the CFM exam. The study is a definitive course of preparation for successfully completing the CFM examination. It is designed to provide those preparing to take the exam with increased confidence. It is not an in-depth study of FM, but rather an opportunity to selfevaluate your readiness to take the exam. The review discusses the exam format, sample questions, and information related to the eleven core competency areas: Leadership and Management, Communication, Finance, Human and Environmental Factors, Planning and Project Management, Operations and Maintenance, Quality Assessment and Innovation, Real Estate, and Technology. So jump on board – sign up to  join us for the CFM Study Group. Contact Jerry Ferguson or via mobile phone at 901 413-1759 . If you have questions, please contact me!

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