IFMA Memphis Chapter


Memphis IFMA is an organization dedicated to enhancing professional growth.  We provide members with great opportunities to engage with other Mid-South business owners and decision makers. Through our educational programs, facility tours and monthly events, you can connect with leading industry professionals.  Learn about sustainability, enhance your industry knowledge and share your own resources by joining the Memphis IFMA chapter today.


The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) is an association dedicated to providing support to facility management professionals through programs of career development, education and research. Founded in 1980, IFMA has steadily grown with the profession, and is the premiere organization supporting facility management. Today, IFMA boasts a worldwide membership of more than 19,000 facility managers throughout 54 countries with 129 chapters.


The average IFMA member is responsible for 500,000 square feet of property, 75% of which is office space. More than half of IFMA's Professional members work in the service sector, with more than one quarter in manufacturing and production, and the remainder in the government and education sectors. More than half manage facilities for organizations with a work force in excess of 1,000.

The vast majority of IFMA members serve multi-function roles for their employers. These roles include, but are not limited to: administration, architecture, engineering, operations and maintenance, real estate, and space planning. More than half describe their primary role as "department head", with two-thirds managing staffs of six or more plus contract personnel.


To provide professional development for its members.

To advance the philosophy and practice of facility management.

To promote the positive effect of facility management on company and corporate assets.


Facility management plays a key role in the business management and technical operations of all organizations regardless of size. IFMA, through the wide variety of services provided to members, supports facility managers in performing this key role.